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thrace avenue: a sims 2 story

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(no subject) [Apr. 25th, 2006|09:23 am]
thrace avenue: a sims 2 story

There will be more Thrace Avenue soon, I promise!
I keep on running into Real Life stuff, and haven't been able to Sim enough for an update. I'll have something up in the next few days.
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thrace avenue: still in the throes of G2 [Apr. 3rd, 2006|11:53 am]
thrace avenue: a sims 2 story

(Another cool thing about Nightlife? Friends are influenced by others' behavior! Rose is absolutely pissed at Andrea for jilting Starbuck! It's so cute! I decided not go to with a voice this time; next time, I will. I just want to get something up.


The end of Starbuck's last semester as a college student went quite uneventfully. She continued to see Nicole, throw parties, hang out in the front yard, and, of course, make excellent grades. She began to seriously think about her plans after college, and one afternoon told Kyle that she was going to move in with her father and mother downtown.

Kyle's awful and lovely senior year.Collapse )
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thrace avenue | G1 | 9 | [Mar. 21st, 2006|09:40 am]
thrace avenue: a sims 2 story



I've never been so grateful to my sister in my life.

My awesome girlfriend Tosha and I graduated from high school and were headed off to Sim State. We briefly talked about pooling our scholarship funds and moving in together, but we both agreed that we didn't really want to "live in sin" before getting married. I didn't want to live in the dorms, so I called Starbuck and asked her if she wanted to rent a house with me. Starbuck is cool, so of course she said yes (and something about her girlfriend Andrea not wanting to always spend time in a dorm room. I thought her girlfriend was Nicole).

Except for the fact that she's decorated the entire place in pink. She even installed some purple-pink lights outside overlooking the purple-pink bar; I really wasn't aware that my sister was such a party chick. The things you learn about your siblings in college, huh?

After three years of high school, Tosha's still my steady girl. She's living in the dorms next door, so I see her a lot. Nicole lives there, too, but she also spends a lot of time at Casa Thrace. To be honest, I'm not sure that my sister's relationship with her is getting better, as she talks a lot about "feeling trapped" in love. And Starbuck's still seeing Andrea. It's not my place to say anything, so I won't. Not a blessed thing. I've got my own drama with my Philosophy major to figure out.

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thrace avenue | G1 | 8 [Mar. 17th, 2006|11:44 am]
thrace avenue: a sims 2 story


(I feel that I have to make a note on the names. I usually name my Sims things that pop into my head at the time they're born; if you're wondering if some of their names come from Battlestar Galactica, yes -- yes, they do. It was playing in the background when I created the family and when Starbuck was born. That will continue.

Two notes about this: I was thinking about Kyle as the heir, because he's probably going to be the only one who is biologically going to have children, because Starbuck is most
definitely not looking at men. The only problem? He's a little ugly, and his nose is unforgivable. Good thing Tosha's such a cutie as a YA...)


My first year at Sim State passed in a flash. Between studying, working, influencing Berjes to write my term papers, and having public woo-hoo with Nicole (she's very into that), I hardly noticed sophomore year showing up. I was a little depressed that I was still living in the dorm, but the money was still flowing in and I thought it wouldn't be long until I hit the big time: an on-campus house rental of my own.

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thrace avenue | G1 | 7 [Mar. 14th, 2006|07:59 pm]
thrace avenue: a sims 2 story

(Yay! College Thraces! This is only the first of a number of college posts, measured out so I don't get overwhelmed.)


For the first few years of college, I was such an incredible dork, and my brother was calling me all the damned time.

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thrace avenue announcement [Mar. 14th, 2006|09:03 am]
thrace avenue: a sims 2 story


I've played through most of Starbuck's college years, and uploaded a trillion pictures this morning; unfortunately, they're not showing up on my photobucket account. I tried uploading them again, but no dice. So. They're coming soon, as soon as I can get this stuff to work. Yay, Internet.
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thrace avenue | G1 | 6 [Mar. 2nd, 2006|11:50 am]
thrace avenue: a sims 2 story


(This time, you get to hear from Kyle. I'm much better with Leah's 'voice' and not with a teenage boy's, so, er, it's not as good as the others. I'm also sorry some of the photos aren't that great, but this time I was having such trouble with the camera! Have any of you noticed that, with Nightlife, Sims you're not controlling find it easier to build relationships with each other autonomously? Zion Lam and Marisa Bendett came over every day for three or four days running, and by the end of it they were -- oooh, well, you'll see... next up: Starbuck goes to college, and seriously rocks the house.)


I thought nothing could beat being a kid, but it turns out that teenagerhood is just awesome. For a birthday present, Mom and Dad helped me paint my room and installed new carpet. They also bought me a new bookcase and chair, which made my sister really jealous. It's kinda hard to have a jealous sister when she lives in the room right across from you, but then, she's always working at the Burger Barn and she should be able to afford that kind of thing herself. And, besides, she gets too much attention anyways. She spends a lot of time studying her cookbooks and doing her makeup. Why? I don't know, because it's not like the girls' academy has boys or anything.

Speaking of school, it's okay. I'm so glad my parents got me into the private academy; the classes are pretty exciting and my teachers really know their stuff, unlike what Manuel tells me about boring public school. The only problem is that, since it's a boys' school, I don't get to meet girls, and Starbuck never brings home any hot friends. Girls are -- girls are the best! I mean, I'm really jealous of Manuel because he's already got a girlfriend, and when we all go out to the One-Twenty-Five Cafe they're always holding hands. I want that (but don't tell anybody else; nobody else understands, you know? Teenage boys aren't supposed to want to settle down. I know, I know.)

So, when Mom and Dad weren't looking, I snuck into their room and took about fifty dollars from their sports-car savings cookie jar. They won't notice, right? Starbuck had told me about how her friend Ivy'd called the local matchmaker to set her up with her new boyfriend, so I decided to test my luck, too. I mean, it's that or go out to the One-Twenty-Five and get really mad at Manuel and Petra, right? So, when Mom was out front playing poker with Felicia and Avri, I quickly called the matchmaker and met her in the back of the house by the garage door. I asked her for a blind date and bought some Love Potion just in case I needed an extra hand.

She set me up with Angie, a girl from down the street I'd only seen once as she was walking by. Angie's into country music and rodeos and stuff like that, and she was really pretty, but something wasn't really right. My mom and dad always talk about how when they met they just 'clicked,' and -- I don't know what that means, but I know I didn't feel it with Angie. We ended up going out front playing poker with the parents, which was really dumb and dorky. I felt like I wanted to explode or dissappear or something. Manuel teased me for days afterward about having to go to the matchmaker, but I think he forgot that he's just as much of a dumbass as me on that part.

They are totally going to be mad when they find out where their money went! I think Dad is going to understand more than Mom, though, because I'm a lot like him when it comes to what I think I want out of life.

And then I met Tosha Go.

She's everything I ever dreamed I'd have in a girlfriend -- she's pretty, she's peppy, she's really funny, and she thinks I'm funny, too! She knows Starbuck from school and came over to work on an Economics project with her. She's just so cool! I know I'm a little young to say that I love someone, but I think I'm in love with Tosha! As soon as they were done with their stuff and Starbuck was back upstairs studying for her Finance final I swallowed that potion and asked Tosha to dance. I stepped on her feet and was so nervous the entire time, but she giggled too, and it was one of the easiest things I'd ever done at the end. It was almost like because it was with Tosha it was all right. I've never felt this way about a girl before!

Hah, take that, Manuel! I asked her myself!

She likes me back, too. I haven't asked her to go steady yet but I think she'll say yes. I'm so nervous I can't even eat!

My sister got accepted to Sim State and will be going there in a week or so. I'm not actually saying that I'm going to miss her, because that would be stupid, but I think she knows that I'm going to. It's just going to be me and Mom and Dad and both of them are old fogies and all Mom does do is play poker, anyway, and all Dad does is hit on his blonde co-workers and stuff. I mean, Ms. Bendett? She's my English teacher! Yuck! I don't want to see my English teacher do the Smustle!

Dad's new friend, Zion Lam, helped him get promoted. I guess that's good, but I have to put up with Zion walking around and checking himself in the mirror every five minutes, and that's even more annoying than my sister.

Every so often, a guy in a green jacket comes by and kicks our garbage over. And Mom gives him $50 whenever he does, too, and he runs off cackling.  I mean, what's up with that?

To celebrate Starbuck getting into Sim State we all went out to the Spa & Pool. I went in the hot tub with Tosha, Starbuck chatted up the manager about his profit margin, Dad laid on a chaise lounge by the pool and Mom got a concussion from trying to go on the ElectroDanceSphere. It threw her off after ten seconds. It wasn't pretty. Anyway, we took this picture of her right before it happened, because she's going to be an elder soon and she wants to remember "when she was pretty."

I think Tosha is pretty, not my Mom. Ewwwww.

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thrace avenue | G1 | 5 [Feb. 26th, 2006|11:51 am]
thrace avenue: a sims 2 story

This one's heavy on the story and the graphics! Have any of you noticed just how many blonde women there are in this game? Mitch keeps on bringing home blondes!


Things with Alan continue in a downward spiral. He comes by the house every night, now; I'm so afraid to go out! Mostly, what he's done is minor vandalism: kicking over our garbage can, for example, and throwing the pink flamingo lawn ornament Mitch has had since before I met him across our tiny front lawn, but I am quite afraid of what could happen if things get out of control. Mitch has even noticed; he asked me the other day what the hell "that guy in the green jacket" was doing outside, and I told him that he was a man who tried to flirt with me at Rodney's Hideaway and got turned down. Luckily, Mitch believes me.

I am not so sure he should. I am such an awful person.

One day, I couldn't stand the abuse any longer. I got so angry with his garbage-spewing antics (can you believe we've called the exterminator every day this week? That's how much garbage that idiot kicks over) that I went outside, stalked down the stairs and confronted him with a pointing finger and an angry voice. After a brief shouting match in which I told him to go away and in which he refused violently, I couldn't help it; I reached out and socked his creepy, frightening face! I'd never been in a fight in my life, and it's not something I care to do again.

"I was supposed to --" POW! "--be here with you in this house!" he cried.

WHAP! BAM! "I'm married, Alan! You knew I was married!" I yelled back.

He pulled my hair out of the bun. "I thought you were going to leave him for me!" he said.

WHACK! "I may be a Pleasure Sim, but I'm not stupid!" I replied, attempting to aim my knee for the most important parts.

Luckily, both Mitch and Starbuck were at work and Kyle was upstairs contemplating his chess moves for his public-school tournament. I ended up losing, unfortunately, and Alan walked off smugly, screaming threats at me. It's true; I'm no longer in love with him, and I am no longer even friends with the asshole; I just want him to go away. Why won't he go away, or be kind and understanding and friendly like Leonid was? Is it so hard to forgive?

I'm just thankful the bruises I have are underneath my dress.

We had Knut Reamon, a friend from the lab, over for dinner the other night; he was quite excited, having just been promoted to the science faculty at Downtown High. When Mitch told Knut about his desire to teach young people the intricacies of the labwork he'd been doing for umpteen years, Knut promised that he'd talk to the principal. The very next day, Mitch was hired to fill the biology lab coordinator at the high school! We're all so very excited, and Starbuck is thanking her lucky stars that she's taking chemistry now (after all, who wants their dad for a teacher?).

Things are getting better between us, and although he's still calling Noelle every day, I'm pretty convinced that there's nothing going on between them. Heh. Mostly because he's been coming home with the 6th-grade English teacher, Marissa.

Like all the other women I've been scared of, Marissa is blonde and skinny, and very intelligent. I'll tolerate her, though, because with Mitch's new science-teacher salary there's the possibility that we may be able to get rid of our thirteen-year-old hunk of junk and invest in a brand-new truck. The one I have my eye on is blue, of course, like our Smoogo Minima. I told Starbuck about my vehicular plans, and she's just so excited; even though she can't understand why we don't get a sports car. She always wants the best of everything. I know Marissa finds Mitch intriguing and handsome -- I heard her talking about it to Ryker when the two of them were over -- but as long as I spend all my time around and lavish affection on my husband, I believe everything will remain blissful. I'm still thinking of the divorce, but thanks to the promotion, some of the pressure is off.

I was upstairs helping Kyle with his chessmen when Alan just barged right into the house, like he belonged there. Mitch, well-attuned to the fact that he was the psychotic asshole who was pitching over our garbage cans at night, treated him as if he were just another of my many guests -- except for the fact that he served him rotten chili con carne. I watched from between the stair-spindles upstairs; it was absolutely fantastic. He just kept on eating, and throwing up, and eating, and throwing up. He even went home by himself! Sweet, sweet revenge.

We decided it was time to get Kyle admitted to the local private boys' academy; he shows much less aptitude for studying than his older sister, but it never hurts to get an early start on life. Once again, I cooked turkey for the packed house that we always seem to have: Mitch's work friends ("up the ladder, Leah, up the ladder!" is his explanation for that), a girl that Starbuck befriended at school (Ivy? I think that's her name; she's quiet), and, of course, the headmaster, whom we charmed with my wonderful food and Mitch's chatter about the awful politics in the Sim City public schools. Kyle was admitted posthaste.

This is -- well, it's a bit embarrassing to talk to your only daughter about, but, well -- after the dinner was over and Mitch was telling the headmaster about the awful cafeteria food our Kyle is forced to ingest each day at lunch, I was clearing the dishes and I noticed Starbuck in the corner. She and Ivy were talking in low voices like they normally do, attempting to keep any embarrassing talk about makeup away from the dumb parents, as usual. This time, however, something was different: she leaned over and flirted with Ivy. The girl looked quite embarrassed and ran to the other side of the room, making excuses about needing to be home to cook chef salad for dinner. Starbuck looked heartbroken, but turned on the television and started to watch the Yummy Channel anyway (she's gunning for a culinary scholarship, combining her job at the Burger Barn with her love of making money).

I am wondering how to approach her about it, if I should approach her at all.

In fact, she turned on the television one Sunday and sat there for the entire day watching the Yummy Channel before going off on her job. I asked her about inviting Ivy, Rodney, or Alvin over, and she just shook her head wordlessly.

I wish I could talk to my kids better.

At any rate, she never ceases to amaze me. Here she is in her work outfit, talking about her stock-trading activities with Rodney.

She and Ryker are very good friends, and when I have him over for cards or dinner, he always lavishes attention on her. She eats it up; although I don't think she likes him in that way, it's definitely nice to have a handsome older man offer to play chess with you.

Speaking of chess, Kyle is a little chess fiend. He's involved in a league and goes to tournaments all over Sim City. He thinks far more logically, sometimes, than Mitch or I, and is a blast to have around. I think Starbuck is a little annoyed with playing with him, now, as she hasn't won in years.

He also loves playing Cops and Robbers with Manual Charvat, one of the neighborhood boys. They usually spend Saturdays together, chasing eachother around the yard with fake finger-guns. It's really cute, honestly.

As for Mitch and I?

He finally admitted that he'd wanted to ask me out on a date for a while, so we made a night of it: had a wonderful dinner at Londoste, dancing at P.U.R.E., and finishing it off with -- well, what else? We're married, after all.

My, how time flies. Here we are at Kyle's birthday. We're poised at the edge of elderhood, Starbuck's in the application process for colleges, and Mitch is now best friends with the richest man in town.

Things are looking up.

They are most definitely looking up.

(Did I mention we bought the truck?)

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(no subject) [Feb. 19th, 2006|09:37 am]
thrace avenue: a sims 2 story

Hello, everyone! Thanks for reading so far -- I'm glad you like my blog! Here's more from the Thraces. Just a primer on how I play my game: I usually don't have the Sims do anything else than stuff that are in their wants and/or stuff that will keep them from dying, etc., etc. So, yes, I could have gotten Leah a job but she's never actually wanted one, being a Pleasure Sim; and I could have gotten Starbuck a boyfriend but she's never actually wanted to meet anybody new. But if the story permits it and the Sims' wants permit it (as you'll see!) and, occasionally, through my intervention, awesome stuff happens. Witness: here.


I haven't gone out since my date with Alan. I've stayed around the house, cleaning toilets, making sure everything looks decent, and having friends over to play poker: specifically Avri, Noelle, and Ryker, and sometimes Knut Reamon, a recent acquisition from the last outing. I haven't seen Alan, either. I don't know why, but I can't kiss Mitch, lately; I can't, and we haven't had woo-hoo in weeks. He calls it 'moping,' but I think I'm just protecting my heart from any new violence against it. Oh, yeah, and that's my little overachiever, Starbuck, in the background. Can you believe she's an A+ student and shift manager at Burger Barn? I'm so proud of her.

I do have to give Mitch credit, though: he's working hard to get his promotion by learning new skills. I don't know why they don't like him more at work; after all, he's got the skills already. I wonder what goes on there, honestly -- is he playing policeman among the petri dishes? Chasing around Dagmar Reeves with lidded, batting eyes and Dream Date flowers? Does he go to work at all? Someday, I'm going to follow him and find out if he's actually going to the bar or whether he's waiting tables at the One-Twenty-Five or deejaying at P.U.R.E., where we met. God. We're getting too old to play these games. Can you believe we're almost elders?

Those were the topics on hand when Angie Wong, a friend of Alan's, invited me out with a bunch of new people; we went to the Trap Door Co., and talked about men and strangeness. Alan was there, unfortunately, and we had the worst time just looking at each other. I could tell he wanted to woo-hoo with me, and it'd been so long since I'd woo-hooed with Mitch that -- well, I wanted it, too. And then he gave me a really sad look and disappeared behind a perfume counter.

A few moments later, Avri came up, his voice excited. He told me that Alan had gone into one of the changing booths; I could go in there, have a chat (or a woo-hoo? Was he truly thinking that?), and leave. That's always like Avri, thank God, to be discrete like that. He's been my friend longer than I've been married to Mitch, so his loyalties are with my happiness; if he didn't have brown hair, I'd probably be attracted to him.

So, I went to the changing booth and entered. My hand strayed; there was someone in the darkness there, all warm skin and --

-- a SHRIEK! A woman's shriek!

It was Angie, who was trying on new dresses! I screamed myself and left the changing booth, quickly calling the taxi. The rest of the people had already gathered around, and were in shock: I'd just met Angie, they were thinking, and already I was trying to have woohoo with her, especially when my boyfriend -- for that is what they said, that is what Alan told them -- is in the next changing booth! I quickly called the taxi while they were calling me a slut.

And then -- then, I got my heart broken.

"I'll never love you again, you cheating bitch," he sad, after slapping me.

...and I suppose I am, you know -- I suppose I am a cheating bitch, which is why I haven't gone anywhere again since that particular outing. Outings are dangerous things for me these days; terribly dangerous things.

I had Angie over for dinner a few days later, and we talked. I explained what had happened, and she said she wasn't that mad at me any longer. In fact, we decided to be friends that very afternoon, although she did tell me that Alan had been seen playing darts with my picture at Londoste with all of his best guy friends. I tried not to let it bother me, but I'd always been proud of the fact that my relationships ended well, and I didn't want to be anybody's devil incarnate. I guess it was too late for that, I suppose.

Mitch has been calling Noelle a lot, and I'm wondering if their good relationship has, behind my back, blossomed into something more. I overheard him the other day talking to her about how much he -- well, how much he wanted to flirt with her. I guess I'm not the only cheating bitch in this house, but I'm going to keep my mouth mum until I get proof. I guess we're just not meant to be together, and it breaks my heart that we've wasted so much of our lives on each other. And then, when I have proof, I'll ask for a divorce. I want to say together for the children, but Starbuck's almost off to college and can handle herself.

The only awful thing about it will be how Kyle may take it; he and Mitch are very close, and I have no doubt that if we get a divorce Mitch will take Kyle with him to his new digs. I don't think I can allow that to happen.

It's finally happened. Starbuck finally brought someone home from school with her: a funny-looking boy named Alvin Futa. I think she might like him a little, but he's got his eyes on another girl at school. Obviously Alvin doesn't consider Starbuck to be girlfriend material, even though, I think, Starbuck is hoping; even though Alvin told my daughter about his crush.

There's another boy that comes around, too -- Rodney somethingorother, whom I think is just a friend.

One afternoon, Starbuck ran into the house, crying. "Why don't they like me?" she said. The poor girl had spent an hour trying to get Alvin and Rodney from playing so much poker, to no avail; they just stood out there. My heart was breaking for her, honestly, and I took her into a tight hug, and counseled: "men aren't worth it, sweetie. Men just aren't worth all the pain and suffering you get from dealing with them."

And they aren't.

Alan, my nectarine tartlette, comes every night to play poker and look in my window.

It is, quite honestly, freaking me out.

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thrace avenue | G1 | 3 [Feb. 14th, 2006|09:13 am]
thrace avenue: a sims 2 story

Things are at a boiling point in the Thrace household. Some of these photos are really dark, and I apologize for that. The Thraces don't have enough cash to install driveway lighting, unfortunately, and the park is just... well, it's a park. I also can't get the durned thing to cut, so I'm very sorry about that -- LJ has a new interface and I can't for the life of me figure out how to do things now.


The only way things could get worse right now is if Mitch were to find out what I've done. But I don't intend on allowing that to happen.

My friends Molly and Noelle came over for Kyle's sixth birthday party. It was a good enough time -- we served a turkey dinner, played oldies, danced, and wondered where the time went. Something, though, was missing. Life's been pretty stable for the past few years: I've been home, teaching Kyle his toddler skills; Starbuck's been studying, going to school, working at the drive-thru; and Mitch has been working as a Lab Assistant. He cannot seem to get promoted, and has lately been stuck in a rut. We've all been stuck in a rut (except for Starbuck, who seems to like her rut as long as it rakes in the dough). It's been driving me absolutely crazy -- this isn't the way my life was supposed to be, taking care of kids and picking up after a depressed husband who continues to crap on his career by pursuing a stupid dream he'll never get.

Ryker Haggerty came over for the last few hours of the party. We've been friends for ages, me and Ryker, but lately I've noticed him -- well, checking me out. I had no idea he was so attracted to me! I was so entranced with the thought of Ryker liking me that I stared at him for the entire amount of Kyle's age transition. What's going on with me? Why can't I just be happy with my lot (and that ugly orange carpet I thought was so cool before we had kids? Ugh!)

Here's a close-up of our Kyle at his birthday party. He really likes those teddybear pajamas.

While the party raged inside, I couldn't stand it any longer. Ryker had started to make me think about my crappy life, so I invited Mitch to come outside to the car with me. I told him how I felt about everything -- I raged, I ranted, I let it roll. I told him everything I was unsatisfied with: the cash situation, our sex life, his depression, my burning desire for more. He just reiterated the old mantra of his dream of being a Mad Scientist, over and over again. I finally screamed, slapped the steering wheel, and started to cry.

"What about my dream?" I sobbed. "You make me want to put my head in the Rejuvenator! When we got married, you said, 'Leah, I'm going to give you everything!' Where is everything? I have a poker table in the front yard, but nothing else!"

Mitch looked a little sheepish, and I must admit that I felt a surge of love for him right then and there. "Hang on for just a little more, Leah," he said, softly. "I can do it. You know I can."

I nodded. What else could I do?

After I put Kyle to bed and Starbuck went back to her Ebay business, I got a call from my old boyfriend Alan Bar. He wanted to see if I wanted to come with him and a few friends to the park; thinking it would make me feel better, I grabbed Noelle, kissed Mitch goodbye, and met Alan, Avri and a few new people for darts and espresso. It felt good to be around the fun-loving, home-free Alan again; and, in a flash, I remembered why I loved him so when we were dating. There was no stress with Alan, no craziness. There was just this moment, this time, this place. He made me forget all of the troubles at home: my worries about Starbuck, my questions about Kyle, my anger at Mitch.

We really had a great time. We bought each other espresso, laughed until midnight, and even had a pillow fight. It was just like old times, and maybe that was the problem.

And then things got strange -- but so right at the same time.

"Leah," Alan said, taking my hands, "I'm so glad you're here."

"I missed you, Alan." The words were out of my mouth before I could even stop them.

"Would you like to dance?" he asked.

And so we danced, there at the espresso bar in the park, while Fly Flon played in the background and the entire world melted away -- my old boyfriend Alan and I. Out of the back of my mind, I wondered if Mitch was waiting for me -- but, soon, all thoughts of Mitch were wiped away when Alan leaned forward and kissed me.

I don't remember much after that. There's something about making out with someone you're immensely attracted to, someone new and exciting, that just launches everything right into a dream date, something I desperately wanted but hadn't had in such a long time. Mitch was my mac and cheese; Alan, my nectarine tartlette; we kissed and kissed and kissed, and then he wanted something more.

"Let's go to your car," he whispered in my ear, and I felt thrilled.

I knew what he meant. When we were dating, we had constant woohoo in the back of the same old junker now parked in the parking lot.

"No," I said, coming back to my senses. What was I doing? I was married! I had to go home! I quickly gave him one last kiss. "I -- I have to go home, my kids probably want a midnight snack -- Alan, I can't see you again. I have a husband and kids and I am married. I gave them my word, and I can't go back on it. I -- I can't do this."

Alan nodded; his eyes were full of heartbreak, but promise. And that scared me.

I came home and parked the car. Mitch was inside; he was eating the last of the birthday turkey, and greeted me with a smile.

"Have fun, honey?" he said.

"Yeah," I gulped, heading upstairs. "Hey, I gotta take a shower. We went dancing and I'm all sweaty."

"Okay, honey," he responded. "I'm glad you brought the car home -- I left my stuff for work tomorrow in the back seat."

From the upstairs bathroom window, I watched in horror as Mitch rifled in the back of the car and Alan came up the road. Mitch was still in the car when Alan walked to the back of the house and deposited a dozen dream-date roses on the back porch, and nearly died when Alan came around the house just as Mitch was straightening up. I knew Alan liked me, but I thought I was clear: was he trying to destroy my marriage?

Was I trying to destroy my own marriage?
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